Slam latch cabinet lock 2″




Really nice cabinet slam latches. Add a bit of style to your build.

The good thing about those locks is the reliability, quality of material and price. They are a bit hard to install because you need to measure the center of the hole right. It’s always advisable to cut sacrificial doors out of some cheap scraps to make sure you install the locks where they are supposed to be (don’t ask me who learned it the hard way).

Very easy to install for thin doors like 10mm (3/8), maybe up to 12mm (1/2) but if you have thicker material then the included mounting frame is useless and you need to do a little bit of DIY or spend $1 per lock and order the inner washers sold HERE.

What you need for the install

  1. You need to measure twice, then two times more and then cut
  2. A 2″ or 51mm hole saw (do not buy no-name sets as they will be trash after two holes)
  3. Screws, recommended 4mm or 4,5mm thick by 20mm (3/4) long. Too short and they will not engage. Too long and they will go out the other way.