How to spend some money but actually save three times as much money?




I have been doing such courses in the past and they were a huge success. 


Participating in courses about campervan conversions is not a surreal idea. In fact it’s a great idea because you get the information you need and that information is based on over 15 years of building experience. The difference between my courses and watching Youtube for months is that you get the information necessary to complete a build in a reasonable amount of time and not buy every advertised product. I don’t have to advertise any products, I don’t have to fight for subscriptions and likes by making videos showing endless options and possibilities. I show you the ideas and techniques that will be the best combination of cost, quality and time. Like in a commercial environment (like a campervan conversion company), where you need to do things right and do them efficiently. 




The basic course includes all you need not only to start your project but also to finish it without breaking the bank and breaking your marriage.


  • Choosing the right vehicle (there are way more pros and cons than you think)

  • Choosing the right layout and aesthetics, ergonomy etc.

  • Together we will create a realistic budget for your build

  • Choosing the right materials for the build. Plywood, insulation, equipment, screws etc

  • Learning which tools you need and which tasks you can, and should, outsource

  • Learning how to create simple but foolproof electrical diagrams

  • Learning how to do the plumbing, water supply and solar systems.

  • I use materials and equipment that others don’t use. You will learn all those trade secrets

  • Basics of 3D CAD design to speed up your work and save money

  • Learning why I refuse to install certain windows, vents, refrigerators or electrical systems. Information about the numerous traps waiting for your mistake.

  • There is way more than described here. A lot of insider secrets


The basic course costs $1000 per person and lasts 8-9 hours. Maximum 3 persons. No time wasted on long breaks and because the course is very intense, make sure you are hydrated and have some pills for your headache (you will have a headache).


I absolutely guarantee that with all the gathered information you will save a substantial amount of money, you will save a lot of time and will also elevate your build quality onto a new level. You will enter my course as ‘you’ but will exit as a different person.



I also offer an extended course which is oriented towards persons who want to do campervan conversions as a business. This is a 10-12 hour course (can and should be split in two days) and it costs $2000. Max 2 persons.

 I am proud to inform you that many of my former students are the happy owners of their successful conversion companies. My extended course includes the finances associated with running such a business, the right choice of employees, the weakest points in the entire process of building campervans and running such a company and much more. You will still need some experience, some trial and errors but my course will speed up your success by a few years. I don’t believe it, I am sure of it.


Additional information:


  1. If you have read all the information above and are not sure whether you should participate, then please don’t. This offer is for people who really know what they want.

  2. I am not only a builder but also a graduated educator. I have great contact with students and a strong, proven, educational background. This course combines my educational experience as a university professor as well as my passion, which is building campervans.

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