Dometic Seitz S4 window 350×800


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This is THE window for campervan conversions. Quality and design are ten times what you get from CRL windows or AMA. Key features include:

  • composite frame (not aluminum), prevents condensation
  • easy install, you drill a square hole not a rounded one
  • acrylic glass for less weight
  • double pane glass for thermal insulation and condensation prevention
  • integrated blinds and insect mesh
  • flip up design which can be used in rain
  • can be safely locked in a crack-open position, good for ventilation
  • no need to create window framing because of the nice inner frame, saves time and money
  • lighter than the competition

All these features are not present in other windows, even the ones that pretend to be Dometic and look similar. They look similar but they aren’t

The bad part is that I import these windows from Europe so the price is higher but they are really worth it.

Available in many sizes upon request.

The size I am selling here is 350 x 800mm which is 13.8 x 31.5in

Limited quantity available. Importing them is a hassle and nof viable financially so I will probably never have them again.